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ORA-“Time out of mind

Brand new release on our own Shining Day label.

Shining Day – Shine 13
CD album Released May 2017

Time Out of Mind” represents a most important chapter in the recordings of Ora, during the years 1986-1994 and here almost all entirely unheard before. They represent unreleased studio pieces, field recordings and sketches, significantly made to portable recorder. This working method would become the basis of future and more elaborate studio pieces and in itself clarifies an important formative stage of the work of Ora, of often using outdoor performances and location sound in an entirely spontaneous way.

Time Out of Mind” is not some ‘lost’ album of that period, but it collects and reworks, after the passage of some 20 years, what might have been and has now been mixed, sequenced and arranged by Andrew Chalk into a full- length album. It inevitably captures, with the gift of hindsight, the spirit of the past.

Line-up changes followed and working methods changed, which perhaps make “Time Out of Mind” a missing stage in the evolution of a group that should have, though never actually did, exist in that period.

Ora here was ;

Andrew Chalk, Darren Tate, Colin Potter and Daisuke Suzuki

Arrangements made at Impression Lointaine
Mastered by Colin Potter at IC Studio, London

ELODIE – “La Porte Ouverte” Lp    FP 029     15.50GBP

Brand new year and brand new ELODIE lp, this time performed by Andrew Chalk, Timo van Luijk and Tom James Scott. Mastered and cut at 45rpm by Noel Summerville
Lacquer cut, pressing on 160 gramme vinyl. Edition of 350 copies.